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Why Steel is the Best Option for Your Expansion


When companies become lucrative and in-demand, they also gain a need for bigger spaces. The space must grow because the need becomes larger, the need to house materials, workers, machines, and product grows exponentially when business is good. And sometimes, that means there is a choice that must be made for the future of the business. Do you expand with traditional methods, using an agent to source a good warehouse for you; do you relocate with your entire business and product; do you rent a facility which you must pay for monthly? Do any of these options even offer what you need to keep your business and employees happy?

Go with steel instead. Metal buildings can be erected directly on your property and used for everything from machine production to product storage. We can even have insulation or climate control installed to give you the best environment for your business needs. Steel buildings are often not considered as viable options, because of the immediate cost it takes to build them. However, over the lifetime of the building, there is clear benefits to going with steel, and cost is only one of the long-term benefits.

For example, they are faster to build than traditional buildings, making their erection a fast and efficient process. They are also able to be built to account for whether events, making them safer than the surrounding structures. Meanwhile, they are sustainable and eco-friendly because they do not rely on forests—in fact, steel is 100% recyclable, so the building can be taken apart and re-used later.

We can construct a large selection of buildings, and that range is another reason for why steel is your best option. Residential buildings, farm buildings, commercial buildings, or recreational buildings, we are able to apply our expert team to fit what you need. This includes everything from the frame and insultation of your building, to the outside design and style of your new expansion. Our engineered, metal constructions are built with a desire to make sure your job is done right the first time and your expectations are met exactly—just like our founder Sergio Orona has aimed for, for 16 years.

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